Its been a while since I, or any of us for that matter, have posted anything here. We've been very busy with our uni work, XLAs, obesity briefs, other websites, animations and the like. Seems like the pressure is really coming down on us now there is just less than 3 weeks before the final, terminal, un-nerving end of the course. May the 16th will no doubt be an interesting, day; falling atr the end of a sleepless week.
Anyway, I'm not a good enought writer for my musings to be that gripping so let me tell you about some AstroJAM updates.
First of all, Ex01 (renamed Experiment0001) was finished and now resides at http://www.astrojam.co.uk/experiment00001
More Importatnly: The clild of Ex01, Today.I.Feel is far more impressive. Running on an updated version of the software today.i.feel (t.i.f) posed the question of its namesake. The majority of the webcame posts on the site are a reflection of how the user is feeling. T.I.F containes some far more creative responces than Ex01 and is worth visiting. It resides here http://www.astrojam.co.uk/today.i.feel/

The AstroJAM homepage has had a facelift. Its still a placholder but the jellys have changed their faces and worked on their dance routine a bit so go chech it out at http://www.astrojam.co.uk/

Finally, there is a new toy on the site for both webcam owners and those who aren't so fortunate ;) .
Interface000001 is a semi 3D interface you can navigate with either a webcam or a mouse!!!! You'll see what I mean :) The address is http://www.astrojam.co.uk/interface000001

More to come... :D


AstroJAM! ex0.1 - Research and Inspiration

Good extract from a book called "Internet Art - The Online Clash of Culture and Commerce" by Julian Stallabrass. This is about the first interactive art piece. Which was basically a sentence which people added to. It's really interesting because I think it's still going. At the start it's just black and white and then as you carry on browsing through people start to learn how to use HTML and insert colour, images and links. Funny because people tried to sabotage the sentence and use it as a personal advertisement to their company! Two screenshots below of the starting page and one a lot further on. Also the link the the actual site. Our work with AstroJAM! ex0.1 is a modern day version of this experiment...lets see what we get.

Oh and the sentence was started in 1994. Just a bit of background for you guys on where I got the idea from! Might be useful to mention in your XLAs?